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Reliable Security Guards Services in CA

D.A.D Protection Services provides armed and unarmed security guard services in California to ensure the safety of people and property. Our officers have completed the state-mandated training and other necessary training courses mandated by our company. Our security guards are all aware that their primary goal is to discourage crime and be as watchful as possible to defend our clients’ interests. Our armed guards are among our most senior team members, as we have over 12 years of security expertise for rendering efficient security guard services in CA. D.A.D’s armed guard may be a valuable addition to your company in terms of offering a cost-effective and alert crime deterrent.

Keeping You & Your Property Safe & Sound

D.A.D Protection Services is a top-rated security guard servicing company in CA, providing highly skilled security guards to a variety of sectors and in many different complex and hostile settings. Our security guards have the experience of working with numerous hospitals, schools, transport centers, and government agencies. Moreover, our security guard services in Beverly Hills, CA, are also hired to keep the crowds safe and under control during concerts, sporting events, and political meetings.

Security Guards Services in Beverly Hills, CA  – One-Stop Facility For All Your Protection Needs

It is a matter of a common fact that hiring appropriate security plays an essential role in preventing losses and the deterrence of crime. We offer more qualified, better trained, and more supervised security guards than any other company in the state. According to your needs, we provide armed and unarmed security guards in Beverly Hills, CA, who must pass our rigorous models before allocation to any customer. You can place your steadfast faith in our security guards as first-level experts who take their work seriously and can protect customers through their ferocious skills and talents.

What Else Do We Offer

Customer Satisfaction

Our services are customized to our clients’ demands and provide them with the finest and most practical options for their needs. As we stake our reputation on your satisfaction, we take our clients’ comments seriously and strive hard to rectify any concerns that have been raised.

Honest Pricing

Our prices are honest with no hidden fees, and our support and dispatch teams are available to you at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We care about your protection and do an exceptional job, as we are experts at this. Our security guards are skilled, careful, and professional when it comes to their work, and we can assure you to get fantastic service from them.

Customized Security Plans

If you believe that your current security plans should be improved, allow us to conduct a security evaluation to provide a specialized analysis and precise estimate of your property’s security and safety program. Our skilled consultants will assess your present plan and provide suggestions that are best suited for you and your loved ones. In addition to this, if you need a new program, we can develop an integrated plan to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide recommendations that correspond to your budget.

Best in Class Security Guards Services in Los Angeles, CA

We offer Southern California municipalities, corporations, and other organizations comprehensive, professional security services that prove beneficial for them in the long run. We have over 12 years of expertise providing these services, as evidenced by our great staff of certified security agents. We assign skilled security guards services in Los Angeles, California, to our valued clients since we care deeply about your pleasure with our services. Our clients have remained grateful for our quick response time and quality services.

Why Choose Us?

Commitment to Excellence

D.A.D Protection Services is committed to offering courteous and effective security solutions in the Montecito, CA region. We employ cutting-edge security technology to provide effective solutions that are sure to meet your demands and budget. Our competence and expertise in a wide range of security services ensure that our clients get the finest results, whether they are in residential complexes, commercial buildings, or construction sites.

Authentic Hiring Process

All of our security personnel are subjected to a comprehensive screening procedure that includes numerous layers of background checks, drug testing, and interviews. Our comprehensive training programs have proved to be successful in enhancing and updating the abilities and competencies of our unarmed security guards and armed security guards.

Security Guards Services in Montecito, CA

Depending on the security services required, guards can be placed on patrol to watch the region for major enterprises, supervise transit safety, or safeguard cash or valuable things. We can also help you with Security Guards Services in Montecito, CA, for neighborhood patrols, shopping centers, religious institutions, universities, closed communities, parking lots, apartments, art galleries, and many other important places.

How Are We Different From Rest

Detailed Hiring Process

Our guards are carefully hired to meet our clients’ demands and organizational personalities. Our supervisors constantly monitor and keep a close look at all of our guards’ activities, which are logged daily by our guard tracking system. Our guards are all individually taught by a supervisor at each site to ensure that they completely fulfill all assigned and unassigned tasks and responsibilities required to ensure our clients’ safety.

State of The Art Service

We provide state-of-the-art solutions to business owners, event producers, managers, and individual clients in order to swiftly, effectively, and efficiently address any security risk. The present world is a terrifying environment, full of evolutionary threats and highly dangerous security issues. Our fast Security Guards Services in Montecito, CA, can address these problems with bespoke solutions produced by specialists displaying the most recent and sophisticated abilities and technology available in the business.

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Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Our team of experienced professional personnel works on service quality assurance for unending client satisfaction.


What our customers say about our service

Alexxis Villagomez
Alexxis Villagomez
Great service . On top of there work & surroundings . I would definitely recommend to others .:)
Rick W
Rick W
Been Dealing with DAD and Daniel for the past 8yrs For not only my investigative needs but also to provide armed guards and the highest quality of EP agents and Security Drivers for some of my client which are C-Suite Executives and wealthy families. Not only would I highly recommend DAD Protection Services but I continue using them for all of my security services and Invistgation needs. True professional and will always conduct the security services well beyond the clients exceptions. 24/7 they always handle any security needs.
James Count
James Count
I have been a client for a little more than 3 years. D.A.D offers the most professional security service in the Greater Los Angeles area. Offering you total peace of mind, where you know things are taken care of and no thought is needed for all of your security needs. I highly recommend these guys.
mary ramirez
mary ramirez
I would love to hear back from them. I left an email.

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