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Professional Estate Security Services in Beverly Hills CA

D.A.D. Protection Services provides Estate Security Services in Beverly Hills CA and Malibu Estate Security with Concierge Style Programs that are customized to meet your needs as they arise. We start out with a threat, hazards identification and  risk assessment of your property. Based on the threat/risk level, we recommend the  level of Security we feel you need.  We pride ourselves on providing a security program that meets your needs with competitive rates yet NEVER compromising you or your family/staff safety and well being!

We provide Estate Protection Beverly Hills and Malibu Estate Security for clients that range from High Level CEO’s to A-list Celebrities and High Profile Musicians. We also provide Security for one day events held at Estates and Security for absentee/vacation home owners.

At every Estate, we have in place standard operating procedures with Site Specific Procedures as well as an Emergency Procedures Manual for times of crisis. All our Estate Protection Agents are either Active or Retired Law Enforcement Officers with critical thinking skills, trained in First Aid/CPR, Weapon retention/tactics and will always have an exit plan for all possible scenarios that may arise.

In our Malibu Estate Security and Estate Protection Beverly Hills details, our Security Agents offering Estate Security Services Beverly Hills CA do NOT just “sit and watch cameras”. In addition to their proactive patrols, they monitor traffic, weather and emergency conditions so you will arrive at your destination on time and will notify you of such conditions as they arise in near real time.

Our Estate Protection Agents will dress accordingly per your request so they fit in while accompanying you at the Mall, Beach or Black Tie Gala. Our Estate Protection Agents are trained in “Estate Etiquette” so they do not disturb your “family time” (e.g., doing door checks while you are enjoying breakfast time on your back  patio). Our Concierge Style Security Agents secure your residence, yet allow you to enjoy your “me time” while they stay in the distance.

Our Malibu Estate Security and Estate Protection Beverly Hills Programs bring peace of mind to you and your family by strictly adhering to an Emergency Procedures Manual that outlines the prevention of man made incidents (Stalking, Kidnapping, etc.) and being prepared for acts of God (Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Landslides, Wildfires, etc.). 

Our Estate program also includes monthly inspections of the following:

In your ever evolving world of threats and distractions, our comprehensive Estate Security Program is a “living program” and will be adjusted as needed to not only understand and meet your needs and expectations, but will exceed them with Competence and Professionalism.

Our Estate Protection Agents develop relationships with community agencies (Police Department,  Fire Department, Hospital, etc.) and are aware of community training classes, City Council meeting topics and seminars. Our Agents also monitor crime patterns within your surrounding area as well as community alerts through NIXLE, Public Broadcasting Stations and other media related resources. Our Agents are continuously trained and highly skilled in Standards and Guidelines of  General Security Risk Assessments, Asset Protection, Business Continuity, Physical Security Measures as well as other topics.

Extensive Safety And Security Training

Our Malibu Estate Security and Estate Protection Beverly Hills programs also provide safety and security training for all staff and family members so everyone is mentally prepared to react when the need arises.

Our Agents providing Estate Security Services in Beverly Hills CA are trained on a continual basis all year round on topics that include: Fire Extinguishers, Patrol Techniques, Report Writing, Investigation Techniques, Intelligence Gathering, Site Specific Procedures, Emergency Procedures, First Aid/CPR, First Responder Responsibilities, Criminal Liabilities, Legal Updates, Camera Systems Design, Motion Sensors, Evacuation Plans and much more!

Through our experience in Estate Security Services Beverly Hills CA, we know that communication with staff (Personal Assistant, Personal Driver, House Manager, Butler, Nanny, Housekeeper, etc.) is of the utmost importance. Staff is in the company of the Client more so than Security. Without a good working relationship with Staff, Security would not be able to prepare for family outings, Client departure times, etc. We believe Staff is extremely vital in the Clients business continuity. That is why staff is high on the list in notification and training and there position will be appropriately utilized and respected. We have developed programs to build and maintain these relationships so Staff and Security work as a solid unit so the Clients function and continuity stay the number one priority!

Our Agents are top professionals in the Security Industry!

We proudly serve all of California but primarily in the following areas:

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What our customers say about our service

Alexxis Villagomez
Alexxis Villagomez
Great service . On top of there work & surroundings . I would definitely recommend to others .:)
Rick W
Rick W
Been Dealing with DAD and Daniel for the past 8yrs For not only my investigative needs but also to provide armed guards and the highest quality of EP agents and Security Drivers for some of my client which are C-Suite Executives and wealthy families. Not only would I highly recommend DAD Protection Services but I continue using them for all of my security services and Invistgation needs. True professional and will always conduct the security services well beyond the clients exceptions. 24/7 they always handle any security needs.
James Count
James Count
I have been a client for a little more than 3 years. D.A.D offers the most professional security service in the Greater Los Angeles area. Offering you total peace of mind, where you know things are taken care of and no thought is needed for all of your security needs. I highly recommend these guys.
mary ramirez
mary ramirez
I would love to hear back from them. I left an email.

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